Hi there, nicole here... founder- sleep play grow


I am a Newborn & Infant Care Specialist, Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant & Degree Trained (Ba.Ed) Early Childhood professional. 

In my former life I had the privilege of working all over the globe for almost two decades as a Specialist Care Nanny- Most families being High Profiles & Corporates.   I loved it, experienced so many things the world had to offer and built friendships (more like family-ships) that will last a lifetime! I became well known in the nanny industry for my experience with Newborns, PND Families, Twins, Triplets, Toddlers and children with high needs. 

At the end of 2015, Sleep Play Grow was born - I wanted Sleep Play Grow to reach as many families as possible, support all parenting styles & implement easy, step by step solutions- Our goal is to help families thrive! 

This year alone (2016), we have helped over 700 clients, all with individual needs- We will never repeat the same plan twice! Our clients include Workshop Attendees, First time parents, Attachment Parents & Co Sleepers, Mums who are not yet ready to wean, Parents returning to work needing an iron clad Sleep & Routine Plan, Toddlers terrified to toilet train and families who are barely scraping through the depths of sleep deprivation.. And that's just a snippet of what we do! 

I'd describe my style as holistic, yet I like to think outside the box. Many of the clients Sleep Play Grow has had the privilege of working with have tried various methods prior to contacting us... Apart from the cost, the methods used were ineffective, Old School, harsh Cry It Out based (CIO & CC) and band aid solutions... Sleep Play Grow listens and evaluates how we can make solutions sustainable, easy for parents to use & results that are long term- Guaranteed! 

For me, there is no greater feeling than helping families reach their goals during their parenting journey- I would love to hear about yours! 

Nicole xx 



*Please note we do not endorse ANY Cry It Out or Controlled Crying Methods (CIO or CC)*