The Service

  • Your Client Information Form and payment are required within 48 hours of your booking to secure your package. We need to see a show of commitment to secure your booking
  • I agree to pay my invoice before or at the time of the consult or fees will be added to the bill at a rate of 15% per month accruing until your payment is received in full.
  •  Cancellations made within 48 hours will incur a 50% booking fee. This will be 50% of the standard package price, even if a discounted package was booked. Unpaid accounts will have fees added at a rate of 15% per month accruing until your payment is made in full.
  • I am aware that if my invoice has not been paid, Sleep Play Grow may not complete my assessment or complete follow up.
  •  I am aware that Sleep Play Grow will refer unpaid invoices to a collection agency and I am liable for any collection costs incurred due to unpaid invoices.
  •  Please be aware that travel may be applicable depending upon clients location if you do not live in a metropolitan area- Fees will be discussed between Sleep Play Grow & Client prior to consultation being booked


Your Consultant

  • Sleep Play Grow will not provide medical advice in any way, however may refer you to medical professionals.
  •  Sleep Play Grow’s dietary advice is a guide only, and should not replace the advice given to you by an IBCLC lactation consultant, dietician or nutritionist. If you would like a referral to any of these professionals, please speak to Sleep Play Grow
  •  Sleep Play Grow will always endeavor to be on time, however sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control, they may be late for your appointment. If your consultant is 30+ minutes late, a change in appointment will be offered.
  •  If your consultant needs to cancel your appointment for reasons beyond their control, the next available appointments will be offered to you as priority
  • Sleep Play Grow will endeavor to accommodate any change of requests, including but not limited to switching packages, altering booking dates and purchasing of incorrect E Guides, however, we do not refund if you simply change your mind. A credit note or gift certificate will be offered for the value purchased and is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


Your Plan

  •  I am aware that my plan is holistic and therefore it is important to follow the plan accurately to ensure my best chance of success.
  •  I agree to follow guidelines set by SIDS and Kids as outlined in your assessment.
  •  I agree to disclose any medical conditions to my consultant and check with my child’s health professionals if Sleep Play Grow believes that these may impact the safety of our plan.
  •  I understand that this assessment is specifically written for my child and is not to be shared with others as this may be unsafe (It is appropriate however to share this with other people who care for your child).
  •  I am aware of the inclusions of the package I have booked and I acknowledge that there may be further fees at a rate of $50 for every ½ hour in addition to consult fee for more time with Sleep Play Grow .
  •  If I don't wish to use my follow up phone calls directly after my consult, this will need to be negotiated with Sleep Play Grow. We aim to have follow up completed within 4 weeks after your consult, but this can be extended in some cases.


Your Information

  •  I agree to my correspondence of my child’s case being used by Sleep Play Grow for marketing purposes with no identifying information used for this purpose.