healthy sleep habits

The Early Riser

As it's now well on it's way into spring/ summer here in Australia, It's getting light here in sunny QLD at 4.30am which means earlier wake times for lots of Babies and Toddlers! 

What can you do about getting a couple more hours of zzz's in the wee hours? Here are my Top 3 tips to minimise the dreaded early rise... 

1. Make sure the room is DARK- You can do this by purchasing a GRO BLIND (google it if unsure) that has little suction cups that stick to the window - Best invention ever and and they block out heat in your little ones room as an added bonus! 

2. Keep your white noise on from the time our little one goes to sleep till the time they wake- Perfect for blocking out those chirpy birds! 

3. Treat the early wake as you would a night time settle.. As in, settling Bub as you normally would if he/ she was to wake in the night

Final Tip: Be realistic about your morning wake times... If your household is generally up at 6AM, Half an hour of baby snuggles sounds like the perfect way to start your morning!