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Starting Solids

Just made it through the Newborn Stage? Feeds on track? Feeling great that you've finally figured this feed, play sleep thing out (yup, totally a thing- email us if you'd like to find out more) and now its time to start solids... Starting solids is totally an individual thing- Some families like to start at four months of age, for others it could be six months.

The general consensus is that if everything is on track, your baby is having four hourly feeds, sleep is going ok, they're getting a little cranky at those in between times and that hunger roar is loud and clear ... Its probably time to start solids. They will also start to mimic you (open their mouth and drool) while watching you eat! 

Start smal.. and thin. You want that farex OR baby porridge (I'd recommend the bellamy's brand) to be super runny at first- mixed in with a fair bit of breast milk or formula.. After a week or so- Once they've adjusted, you can start to thicken it up... Once its thickened and things are going well, feel free to add a little fruit puree.. 

A few of our clients LOVE Sophie Guidolin's 6 month + baby oatmeal- Recipe Below 

  1. Pour boiling water over around half a cup of pitted Medjool Dates with half a cup of oats in an airtight container for around 5 minutes. Ensure enough water to cover the entire mixture, as the oats will expand as they soften.
  2. The dates will turn into a soft, jelly texture as the time goes on.
  3. Once cooled, puree with the food processor or baeba. (baby food maker)
  4. Add in apples, pears or mango puree to the mixture. It turns into a delicious creamy, soft oatmeal. 

I always recommend starting with breakfast as this will help initially sustain them throughout the day- Its also implementing a healthy habit that will continue for years to come... Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! 

To move forward and start trying other foods- Puree Banana, Apple, Pear (I steam then add a little of the apple broth or pear broth to the mixture and puree), Sweet Potato & Pumpkin.  I aways try flavours individually with babies before mixing them as a combo.. That way you'll know exactly what your baby likes, rather than dismissing both foods. 

It can be an adjustment for your little one. Place a small amount on a spoon and let them take it off rather than using the spoon to tip into their mouth/ throat... Remember, they are used to sucking from bottle or breast, their natural reaction will be to suck from the spoon.. They will also start to use different muscles in their mouth which can take a little while to perfect.. Don't expect too much too soon- Its a learning process for BOTH parent & baby x