Transition, Regression & Change

Transition, Regression and Change



During the course of a Toddler’s lifetime there will be changes & challenges at some point along the way. As we know, Infants & Toddlers thrive off routine- Any interruption can cause unrest, especially if the change is sudden. The most common reasons for regression in toddlers are:


·       Dummy / Bottle removed

·       New Baby

·       Change in Bedroom

·       New Daycare/ Change in Carers

·       Moving House

·       Accident eg car, a bad fall, negative experience

·       Parent separation

·       Illness


Signs and symptoms include behavioural & emotional reaction- Tears, verbalising “no” or “I don’t want to”, clinginess, heightened emotions, toilet accidents, fighting sleep & nap time, hyperactivity, food refusal and more!


The best way to move forward is to let your little one know exactly what’s happening and what the next step is- We have listed a few scenarios below to assist:


“Today we are visiting our new house, we are going to see your new room. All of your things from your old room are coming, Mummy and Daddy are coming too. Next time we come to the new house we will be able to put all of your things in your new room”


“We are going to a new Kindy, there are lots of new friends and teachers and toys to play with! Everybody is friendly and really nice-It still has the same things as your old kindy, playdough, puzzles, songs and story time and you can take the same bag and sheets, just like we did at your other Kindy”


“Mummy is having a baby- You’re going to be a big Brother/ Sister. See that bump in mummy’s tummy? It’s a baby! We even have pictures of the baby growing inside mummy’s tummy, lets take a look!”


By bringing elements of the old in with the new- we can associate one with the other. Your Infant/ Toddler needs to know that when entering the unknown, some things will still remain the same.


Try and keep your routine as normal as possible

·        If Mum does Daycare/ Kindy drop off – Keep it the same

·        If Monday is swimming day- keep it the same day when enrolling your child in their new    swim class

·       If you go to the park/ café on a certain day/ time- Keep it the same


Remember, if you are anxious about the lifestyle changes made- your Infant & Toddler will pick up on these emotions. If your child is upset, guide them through the changes positively without taking the emotions on yourself.


Change is huge in the eyes of an Infant / Toddler- By taking baby steps and making change & transition slow, your child will adjust & become resilient in their own time