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Sleep Regression- The suckiest thing to happen after you've got sleep under control!

You've finally found a groove with your baby’s sleep- things are going well, wake ups are minimal and BOOM! Your baby is back to 1000+ wake ups a night and more feeds than ever just to get baby back to sleep!

We hear it all too often here @ Sleep Play Grow- Regressions can test the most patient of us and literally be soul destroying when left untreated for many months!

The most common factors promoting regressions include:

  • Illness

  • Teething

  • Growth, Development & Milestones

  • Change i.e. New Baby, moving house, travelling, separation/divorce

Once you are able to identify the underlying factor in your regression, it’s best to write down the steps you will take to overcome the regression - For example:

  • Illness regression? Wait until baby’s symptoms start to subside and resume usual sleep strategies straight away

  • Teething regression? Same as above BUT if teething is on & off for quite a few months look at ways of managing baby’s pain, numbing gums before bedtime and for wakes during the night can work wonders for managing pain!

  • Growth, Development & Milestone regressions? You may froutine adjustment to fit inline with baby’s developmental age- You can find sample routines for your baby’s age here:

  • Change? Try and keep as much “normality” during change as possible- If travelling, try and get bedtime on the current city’s timezone asap, New baby arrival or separation/divorce? If your little one is old enough prep he or she about whats happening e.g. a new baby will be here soon, daddy has a new house now etc - For younger babies, ensure they have some constants happening in their lives e.g. Park or Beach day every Tuesday etc

Our Sleep Tips and Settling Skills E Guides which can help manage regressions can be found here:

If you are still struggling with your regression, please feel free to contact us for a free confidential chat