Toddler packages

Meltdowns worthy of an Academy Award? Toilet Training not going to plan? Fussy eater? Your amazing sleeper has gone AWOL? Biting and Behaviour becoming uncontrollable? 

Sleep Play Grow’s Toddler Tactics program covers ALL of the above! Learn positive strategies that are easy and effective to use with your toddler, gain insight and knowledge as to how your Toddlers Brain, Growth and Development affect their Behaviour plus how to use Behaviour Guidance positively in the home environment 



In Home Consultation  | $230

A 2 -3 hour in depth consult in the comfort of your home, addressing all areas of concern.. Included in this package is an Individualised Toddler Tactics plan, an On site Video Tutorial that you can refer back to 24/7 plus 1 month of unlimited phone/ text/email support (additional consult time is charged at $50 per ½ hr) 

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Skype/ phone consultation | $139

An in depth 1:1 consult & assessment, Individualised Toddler plan plus 1 month unlimited phone/ text/ email support

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Workshop | min 6 people | 2 hours $69 per person (includes m'tea) 


Why not grab a group of friends or family members and enjoy a 2 hour workshop learning about Toddler Tactics? You recieve lots of of knowledge, insight and guidance, tips and strategies as well as our Toddler Tactics plan... Oh and we also bring Morning Tea!