1. Do you implement the Cry it Out or Controlled Crying method? 

Absolutely not! I am not comfortable with a baby or child becoming distressed and neither should you! Our aim is to provide you with the most gentle and effective solutions that will help guide your family for the long term. Studies show that harsh methods can contribute to a range of issues including stress and anxiety in young children 


2. How long will it take to see results? 

As all children are individual, success is dependent upon the child, the child's temperament and the parents consistency- Most families see results immediately, others will notice positive change after several days


3. My child is very strong willed- will your methods still work? 

Unlike lots of programs out there, our programs are proven, Early Childhood developed, custom made & tailored individually according to your family's needs- We factor in EVERYTHING when creating your individualised program... Resulting in a 100% success rate! 


4. My child is teething- Will this affect our Program? 

Depending on the severity, Yes. Growth, Development, Milestones & Illness impact Sleep... Usually, this is where poor habits are formed. Sleep Play Grow always suggest to comfort your child as much as possible through this stage & resume program as per normal once symptoms subside. You can always Contact Us directly- We are always happy to help if you're unsure of anything! 


5. My Friend had a Sleep Consultation with you and her program is completely different to mine yet our babies are the same age- Why? 

Just like us, babies & toddlers are individual- Some require more sleep than others... The foundations of Sleep are the same but there is flexibility within the boundaries. Sleep Play Grow want your program to work and we will NEVER repeat the same program twice! No two families are alike & all have different needs.. We are known for thinking outside the box and creating Holistic, Gentle & sustainable long term solutions for your family. 


6. How do I know which service I need? 

If you're unsure of which service you need - Contact Us! Nicole is more than happy to help answer any questions and recommend which type of consultation is best suited to your family


7. Can you combine packages? I have a Toddler & a Newborn - I really need help with both! 

Of course! We have tailored our packages to suit our clients- We can definitely help! 


8. I have a Reflux baby- How can you help? 

Nicole is highly sought after for her experience with High Needs babies, including babies with Reflux and Colic. With 17 years experience, her methods have been able to assist families with settling techniques, advice and recommendations that many families have struggled to find answers to for many months after bringing Baby home




I cannot recommend Nicole enough. I was at rock bottom with our 12 mo daughter Elsie who had not slept well since 6m, and as a result we were all miserable and majorly sleep deprived. Elsie never reached deep sleep and would wake anywhere from 5 - 7+ times every night. Being Wife to a FIFO worker with no local family or friends our household was a mess - full of tears, anxiety and yelling, and I had lost all confidence in every aspect of myself. Within two weeks we had a happy little girl who was self settling without any assistance, not even a single 'shhh' from me. This was something I didn't believe we would ever achieve when Nicole said that this was our end goal. She now sleeps 11.5 hrs straight every night. Before our overnight consult I had to build myself up before every sleep time, now I feel as though I can breathe again. Thank you Nicole for your compassion, availability and constant support. You have helped our family beyond measure, and I hope this helps just one other family take the leap towards better quality of life with sleep... golden sleep � Vanessa, Mum to Elsie - 12 months 
"We are over the moon with the results we got with our little one. He was completely sleeping through the night (12 hours straight) by the second night after having a consultation with 'Sleep Play Grow'. 
They gave us the right advice, knowledge and confidence to help our boy get some healthy sleeping habits. 
Our 9 month old was waking every three hours and had been since he was 4 months old. I thought maybe he would grow out of it. After applying the simple steps created by Nicole, he slept through the night for the first time in 9 months! 
We only wished we asked for help sooner. I personally loved the gentle approach we took with my son. It worked out perfect for us". Zoe, Mum to Jesse- 9 months 
"Affordability was a huge concern for us when booking a consult- What if it didn't work? what if we outlaid a huge amount of money & my child still didn't sleep? All of this was put at ease when we booked a Phone Consult with Nicole - The program was easy to apply and anything I was unsure of Nicole was only a text away! We saw huge improvements immediately and about a week for those wake ups to completely disappear! " Thank you Nicole, Thank you!  Bronwyn, Mum to Mack aged 3 
"Nicole's workshops are next level- We booked a private group workshop with our Mother's group at a local park. I don't know how she did it but within a couple of hours we had all of our sleep questions answered and a plan to put in place that very night, 5 of us had success within the first night and the remaining three gradually introduced their plans within the week and had success the following nights- One month on and we are a MUCH happier mothers group because we are finally SLEEPING!" Mel, mum to River 6 months- Sunshine Coast Mother's Group 
"Best decision I made was to contact sleep play grow! We met Nicole when my son was 14 months old and I have never looked back. He was a great sleeper up until 12 months and then it all went really peared shape. I contacted Nicole and she was wonderful! So understanding and caring. She provided us with an individualised sleep plan and some really practical advice and tips. The ongoing support she has provided after meeting with us I will be forever grateful for! Definitely one of the best parenting decisions I've made!" Sarah, Mum to Ollie, 14 months 
"Hi Nicole, well it has been a week since you came to our home to meet Noah and I and what a week it has been! There have been messages and emails full of support and encouragement and I can say that my husband and I are now sitting back proud as punch at how far our boy has come. He is now sitting on the toilet (not just ours.. day cares.. cousins.. nanas..) and he is sitting doing wee's and being excited about it too..!
We now have the confidence and tools as his parents to help him and it has changed all our lives- I know we have a way to go yet but to think our son has gone this far in this short of time makes me blessed to have found you. Thank you" Deb, Mum to Noah- Aged 3   TODDLER CONSULT 
"My reflux baby has been screaming non-stop for 4 months. Nicole was so wonderful, helped me so much and my baby is now sleeping peacefully �� couldn't be happier," Lisa, Mum to Phoenix- 4 months 
"All Mummys and Daddys should attend one of Nicole's Sleep Play Grow workshops. She has a gentle and holistic approach to helping babies and toddlers with their sleep routines. I feel so confident after attending her workshop and am armed with the tools to make a happy sleeping household. Thank you Nicole!" Courtney (Attachment focused parent) Mum to Ezra, 4 months 
"I can not express enough how much Nicole helped me with my reflux unsettled baby.. Just helping identify how serious his reflux was and offering guidance & support not only for the initial consult, she txt & spoke to me on phone days later! I believe if she didn't come Monday i may have lost my mummy marbles �� I'm ever so grateful and will refer to everybody!" Kaylla, Mum to Nixon 4 months 
"Our newborn twins just didn't sleep- As first time parents we were at a loss! We were constantly up all night every night and were just missing their cues completely! Nicole's experience, professionalism and knowledge helped us understand exactly what we needed to do. After our first consult we booked her in for a 6 week overnight block, the best thing we ever did! 6 months on and our babies are thriving!" Suze, Mum to Cooper & Cade - Newborn & Infant care 
"Nicole is thoughtful, compassionate and really understands the family dynamic. We are working parents with two school aged children and a newborn. We needed help with some structure & sleep for our newborn but didn't quite know how to achieve it doing school & sport runs every morning and afternoon. Nicole doesn't provide a regular sleep plan- SHE LISTENS! I don't know how many times I've text her at 10pm & get a prompt response. Its been a month now and things are still working like clockwork- She is truly AMAZING! Thank you Nicole!" Emma, mum to Micah- Newborn & Infant care